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I Tried Turning My Phone Off

market of clay pots
Photo by Janelle Paciencia

I turned my phone off this weekend for the first time in a long time. Not on silent. Not “do not disturb”. Off. Like OFF off.

That lasted about 12 hours and then I remembered my mom would probably panic if she tried to call and I didn’t answer so I turned it back on. 😅

I did stay off of all my apps though. Other than google maps, my camera, and two YouTube videos, I didn’t use my phone at all this weekend and it was pretty great!

I thought it would be a lot harder to do. I was tempted to check socials a few times but I stopped myself.

I saw some messages and emails pop up and, as much as I love y’all, I didn’t open them. Instead I reminded myself that this weekend was for me and everything would still be waiting for a reply on Monday.

It was interesting to notice how awkward I felt without a distraction during “boring” things like waiting in line or riding in the car. I also noticed that in moments of frustration my instinct was to pull out my phone and scroll... probably not the healthiest way to deal.

I didn’t think of this as a “social media detox” because I don’t believe that social media is inherently toxic.

I try to be very intentional about who I follow on social media in order to avoid a lot of the negativity that’s out there. I use social channels as more of a way to connect with my community and if I see a post or a user that I feel is negative or toxic, I use the block button.

The goal of this weekend was to stop using my phone as a means of escape and to try to take in more of the world around me, to try to be more present with the people around me.

I think it worked? It was definitely a positive experience.

If you watch my stories, you’ve definitely seen me posting about how rest is resistance. If you know me in person, I have 100% told you to take a nap at some point. This weekend without my phone was a much needed digital nap and a reminder that I can give myself permission to take breaks when I need them. 📵😴 📍Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Creek territory | 📸: the *incomparable* @janelle_takesphotos aka @janelleadventures



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