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#PlasticFreeJuly x #BlackLivesMatter

Photo by Alexander Piechowski Begay

We know that climate change is real and that its impact is already being felt. 

We know that from sea level rise, massive storms, and wildfires to unclean water, soil, and air, Black and Indigenous communities around the world are experiencing the fallout.

This isn’t new information. I know it. You know it. Scientists and politicians know it. So why isn’t anything being done?


And capitalism. And colonialism. Both of which are rooted in… you guessed it! Racism.

Do you think it is a coincidence that Flint, Michigan, whose people have been fighting for clean water since 2014, is predominately Black? Or how about the Dakota Access Pipeline that just happens to threaten the safety and sovereignty of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe?

Just like the justice system, America’s environmental policies are racist.

Nothing is being done because the white, privileged people in this world are not yet feeling the strain. They can continue to live their lives while demanding more from our planet and more from its people.

I’m here to remind you again that Black Lives Matter is an ongoing practice that should touch every aspect of your life, including your waste and consumption.

I know that going zero waste or even entirely plastic free is unattainable. I certainly can’t do it! But we can TRY. We can carry reusable straws and cutlery and grocery bags and water bottles. We can ask for less packing material and choose slower shipping times when we order things online. And we can save and reuse the plastic and waste that we DO create (@ the country crock tub currently holding leftovers in my mama’s fridge).

That being said, as important as it is for all of us to do our part, we cannot fight climate change without a major systemic overhaul.

Beyond our individual efforts we can vote for leaders and laws that will mitigate the effects of climate change.

Science tells us that we only have a few more years before it’s too late to offset the damage already done to our environment. So where is the urgency? What are you doing to incorporate sustainability into your Black Lives Matter practice?

📸: @alex_pi3 📍Kanaka Maoli territory



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