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#BlackHikersWeek - Black Outdoor Futures

Photo by Janelle Paciencia

Today for #BlackHikersWeek, @Blackpeoplewhohike wants to know what our hopes for the future are for Black people in the outdoors.

Going out into nature away from the safety and comfort of other people, especially other people who look like us, and away from the security provided by cell phone service can be really scary and challenging.

Going into the back woods in any rural area is always something I think twice about. What are the politics here? Am I likely to be approached by an angry racist? Or even a passive racist? I’m always calculating the social/interpersonal risks involved *on top of* all the other safety risks that come with getting outside.

This photo is the embodiment of my hopes for Black people.

I imagine a time when we can be unequivocally joyful in nature without all the “what if’s” floating in the back of our minds. I want us to be able to get outside in whatever way we choose and to be absolutely carefree.

Free to dance, sing, climb, hike, camp, birdwatch, swim, play... whatever way we want to commune with nature without fear of white supremacy stealing our peace.

Black folks, I’d love to hear your response to this prompt.

Non-Black folks, what are you doing to help make this a reality?

Share below!


📸 by @janelle_takesphotos aka @janelleadventures | 📍 Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Creek territory



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