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Dear Brown Girl,

You are enough.

Straw hats

This one goes out to all my fellow brown girls, womxn, nb’s, and femmes... I’ve had a few conversations in the last month or so with WOC who feel they aren’t doing enough.

I just want to take a moment and remind you that this world is not designed for us to survive, let alone thrive.

If you are doing even one ounce more than living your life everyday, you are doing so much more than was ever expected of you.

Your joy and any joy you create in others is a radical act!!!

Also, grind/hustle culture is a product of capitalism and white supremacy.

So in conclusion, take that nap, post that selfie and don’t for one second think that you owe the world any more than that.

Loving and caring for yourself is a form of resistance.

♥️ -

📸📍 Molalla territoryv



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