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#BlackHikersWeek - Waterfalls

I love waterfalls. They’re my absolute favorite hikes to do. I’ve been to probably fifty different falls and this is one I remember particularly vividly. I remember being struck by the thought that the water on Earth right now is the same water that’s always BEEN on Earth.

We all know that, right?

Like, we probably learned that in science class at some point… but what does that really mean?

For me, it means being by bodies of water is a way to commune with my ancestors.

This water is the same that sustained them. It’s the sweat they put into caring for the land. It’s the tears of sadness and joy they shed while fighting for our freedoms. It’s the water they used to make tea and bathe babies. It’s the water that carried them to Turtle Island and the same water that some of them chose instead.

Water is history.

Water is my ancestors.

That realization was incredibly powerful. As someone who has no ties to any biological ancestors, I find solace in the fact that they are always waiting for me at the nearest stream, shore, or waterfall. ♥️



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