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In March of 2019 I had the absolute pleasure and privilege to attend the @PGMONESummit on behalf of @BrownGirlsClimb.

This summit brings together People of the Global Majority (aka POC) who work in environmental and outdoor spaces.

I have really struggled to put into words what this experience was like. Here are a few that come to mind:










I am incredibly grateful to everyone I met at this year’s summit. Thank you to @narinda___ , @stormywithachance, @browngirl_green, and @tiannastruth for leading some really mind blowing workshops. Thank you to @bleavitt8 for allowing me to co-lead a workshop with you and to all who attended. Thank you to @forrest_in_the_forrest for holding down the dance floor w me. Thank you to my @browngirlsclimb family for just being you. Thank you @samantharise for leading the most educational meditation session I’ve ever had. Thank you to the Lenape people for welcoming us onto your land. Thank you to @adriennemareebrown for your insightful keynote. Thank you to @aishafukushima for your *beautiful* music. Thank you @vasu_sojitra, @herhopness, @tee.pain, and @mind_over_melissa for sharing your perspectives and experiences around disability in the outdoors. Thank you to the amazing organizers, @amaze_me_grace and @sophiesarkar, who made this event what it was.

My heart is overflowing. ♥️ 📍Land of the Lenape people


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