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Life Update: I Bought a Van!

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Life update: Willy and I got a van! We’re moving into our 24 sqft, 1 bd, 0 ba, tiny home at the end of the month. After spending the better part of this year traveling for work and to climb, living full time on the road started making more and more sense. I don’t have much of an itinerary at the moment but you’ll likely catch us chasing warm weather.☀️ I’m so excited to use this opportunity to not only climb more but also to spend more time with my community. I am lucky to have friends all over the country and I’m planning to drop in on as many of you as I can. See ya on the road! 🚐💨 Also! I still need a name for my rig. Leave suggestions below. 👇🏾 - 📍Tsalaguwetiyi (Cherokee) and Tsoyaha (Yuchi) territory



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