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Flash Foxy Summerfest 2019

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At the @pgmonesummit last month @narinda___ hosted a workshop during which she asked us “What are you hungry for?”

I’ve been rolling this question around in my mind for weeks trying to put my answer into words.

This. This is what I’m hungry for. Community. Connecting with other POC in the outdoors.

I’ve spent the better part of the last year traveling around the country to different festivals and events in order to maintain and grow my community. This hasn’t come without sacrifice but it’s what’s keeping me sustained.

My crew. My homies. My people. Being in relationship with you is what feeds me.

This weekend I had the privilege of attending the @heyflashfoxy SummerFest at the New River Gorge, the ancestral lands and waters of the Moneton people. It rained all weekend (#SoggyFest) and most of us didn’t climb much at all but being in community with these folks and others not pictured was more than enough. 📍Ancestral lands of the Moneton “Big Water” people



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