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"Hey, how are you?"

“Hey, how are you?”

“I’m okay...”

I mean...

Another Black person was killed today... But, I’m okay...

I was scrolling through Instagram when, right between my high school friend’s baby announcement and an ad for granola I saw him.

Another Black man slain.

I gasped.

I looked over at my sleeping partner, still blissfully unaware that the cycle we’ve come to know intimately is about to begin again.

I cried as I read the news.

I scrolled and scrolled looking for more information.

I wondered, “Are they going to deem him “good enough” for an outcry?”

They said he was resisting.

I kept reading until my boss texted reminding me of a deadline that’s coming up.

She had no idea.

Or maybe she did?

I pulled out my computer and tried to catch up on emails.

“I hope this finds you well!”

I hoped it found them outraged.

I spent most of the day trying to hunt down every article I could find while also checking in on my friends.

And managing friends checking in on me.

And dodging that damn video.

That blessed video.

I managed to get some work done between the sobs and the anger.

I only cried during one conference call.

I’ve gone numb I think.

How am I supposed to do this again?

So soon?

Didn’t we just...?



But yeah, I’m okay. -



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